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Smallbizstar is about small businesses and the people that run them. We are focused on the elements of starting and maintaining a business and providing insights that are beneficial to entrepreneurs.

Each week, SmallBizStar will bring you insights on:

  • Finance and business loans
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SmallBizStar authors and contributors are people from various walks of life with a passion for entrepreneurship. Most of us have run one or more businesses, or are recognized leaders in our respective industries.


SmallBizStar Team


Tim Kelly – Editor-in-Chief and Senior Author

John Mooney – Beat Editor & Senior Contributor

Chris Teague – Senior Business Writer

Guy Kip – Senior Contributor

Ian Grant Capobianco – Maverick Writer


Paras Singh – Senior Digital Marketing

Web Engineers

  • Lalit Bhandari – Lead UX Designer
  • MD. Rahman – Senior UI Designer
  • Hirdesh Dexit –
  • Sunil Singh – QA Manager