5 Benefits of Having a Mentor

In today’s fast changing society, entrepreneurs must have the capacity to react to challenging situations. Despite high levels of expertise, individuals may choose to seek advice from a mentor to gain the skills and knowledge needed to respond in the most appropriate manner. But, what exactly is a mentor? A mentor is a person that possesses vast experience, shares information, and provides advice for a specific period of time.

Many companies in the USA have well established programs where senior employees mentor the junior staff. These programs have shown to help the business be more efficient as employees learn faster from mentors that have already gone through the process and have even learned from failures.

If your work place does not have a mentoring program, consider seeking a mentor of your own. The following are five advantages of having a mentor along your side:

  1. A mentor is a valuable resource you can count on when encountering arduous situations. He or she can share his/her previous failures and successes that will benefit you in your thought process before taking action.
  2. A mentor is generally a network marketing resource. Due to their years of experience, they most likely know a large pool of people in your industry to connect you to. These new potential connections are key for your business’ success.
  3. A mentor is distinctly objective. They will take your head out of the clouds and plant your feet firm on soil that will realistically aide your business; he or she will let you know what does and doesn’t work in your field.
  4. A mentor is not going to sugar coat the facts. There is no lying involved. Since a mentor is an outsider (rather than an employee or competitor), he wants you to succeed. Therefore, he will advise on what generates value for your organization.
  5. A mentor will provide morale whenever needed. Although there will be constant reminders that it will not be easy, mentors will encourage you throughout the process, especially during difficult times. Remember, he has been around a lot longer and knows the ups and downs you may be facing in your field.

There are non-for-profit organizations that provide support in finding a mentor. A well-known organization is SCORE. The organization is comprised of experienced business executives who can mentor in your area of interest. Best of all, the mentor will work with you at no cost. So, are you ready to be a mentee?