What’s In a Logo?

The logo you create for your business may be the most important marketing decision made. It will be the face of the business. We recognize each other by our faces, and the same is true of our businesses. The logo of a business is truly important for so many reasons.

It Conveys a Message
While a logo should be catchy and memorable, so that it is instantly recognizable, it should also convey a message. This message may not always be obvious, but that is okay. Sometimes the message will surprisingly get through even if the customers do not realize it.

Everything counts, even if the message is not intended. Colors, lines, angles, shapes, all convey some sort of message whether you mean for them too or not, so be aware during the

design process.
In the business world, angles convey speed, while curved lines convey trust and comfort. Colors help incite various moods, and images can help convey your message further.
It Invites and Incites Loyalty

The end goal of creating a logo is to create a connection to your company that is familiar and comfortable. You want the market to recognize your logo as the right choice because it is well-known and trusted.

The idea is to create this with a feeling of instant recognition. Our brains recognize images before text, and a logo capitalizes on this science. Some explain is as a “shortcut for the mind” to get to your business.

The logo allows this to happen instantly, with whatever feelings it creates, before the name of the company is even processed by the brain.

Logo Stories
These ideas can be better understood by examining a few well-known logos. For example, the familiar golden arches of McDonalds were almost done away with at one point, until a consultant explained that in addition to the obvious “M” shape associated with the name, the image may also be associated, by many customers, with nurturing breasts.

The FedEx logo features an arrow between the “E” and the “X” that, while on first glance may appear to be accidental, is actually quite intentional. It is meant to convey that the company is always forward thinking and moving toward the future.
FedEx logo



Another popular logo with a not so obvious message is Amazon. The yellow curved line under the name appears on first glance to be a take on the smiley face, meaning the company creates smiles, or makes customers happy.

However, it is a dual message, as the line is actually a curved arrow from the “A” to the “Z.” The idea is that you can find anything, from “A” to “Z” at Amazon.
amezon logo

Faith Stewart

Faith Stewart is a wife, mom, and freelance writer. She earned a BBA with a major in accounting and spent 10 years working in the fields of finance and accounting before pursuing her passion for helping small business owners and entrepreneurs through writing.