How is Social Activism Impacting the Hiring Process?

People are turning to corporations to become a voice of reason. There has been a shift in a person’s mindset, and especially the younger generations that are now entering the workforce.

Employees are demanding companies to focus on sustainability and transparency. More than ever, there is a call for ethical business processes, and there is a number of ways that your organization can draw the attention of such an employee.

For starters, you need to do more than simply talk about pursuing sustainability and ethics as a business model. It is essential that you demonstrate this with the actions that you take.

Are you paying your employees a fair wage? Do you value your workers? Are you allowing yourself to enter debt and not paying your interest rates business loans? These factors, and many more can impact how people view your business, and whether or not they want to work for you.

What is social activism?

Social activism relates to a process that will bring about a type of social change, thereby improving a particular situation. In the case of business operations, there is an increased need and focus on sustainability.

The fact is, this can improve the standing of your company’s brand. If you are tied to a purpose, people will have a much easier time resonating with your products or services, thereby improving engagement and even attracting the younger generations.

The details for pursuing these types of endeavors will be explained in the upcoming sections.

The modern company

The modern company is one where technology is placed at the forefront, but in addition to this, there is a desire by people to focus on ethics and wellbeing. In particular, this can be accomplished through the following ways:

1. Focus on sustainability

A sustainable business is one that follows a more holistic approach to its growth. Rather than investing in procedures that will merit short term profit, you must consider the long- and short-term consequences of your decisions. In particular, how will this affect the world around you?

Imagine you are in the business of manufacturing a product that consumes a lot of energy and wastes a lot of natural resources. If you do this, you will receive backlash not only from the media but the people as well.

On the other hand, the sustainable processes you adopt must be more than a marketing gimmick to portray yourself in a favorable light. People can often see through these schemes, and the chances are that you are not sustainable in the approaches you take, but rather are simply stating that you are.

Sustainability will add value to the business operations.

2. Transparency

Transparency is furthermore affected by social activism and impacts the type of people that want to work for you. In other words, are you honest about what it is you do and who you are?

Having a clearly established online presence is one approach you can take, but what about your daily operations? What are the conditions found in your manufacturing facility?

Moreover, even if you are you investing in a new company acquisition, the same thought process must still apply. You cannot be sustainable with one approach, then invest in a business that disregards all morals and ethics.

3. Ethical leadership

The leaders of a business will often set up the groundwork for how the organization is viewed, and how it operates. Ethical leadership, thus, focuses on the whole team and seeks to create unity within the office. It’s a matter of listening to worker’s opinions and valuing what everyone has today.

4. Distribution of finances

Every single person wants to be paid for the work that they do. At the end of the day, everyone has several responsibilities and bills that they need to pay, and if you continuously cut back on employee’s wages, or moreover do not pay them fairly for the hours and work that they do, no one will want to work for you.

Moreover, managing the financial state of your company, such that it is profitable, will also help keep the business afloat. When you take out a loan, you will accumulate Understanding Business Loan Interest Rates – SmallBizStar” href=”accumulate interest rates on business loans that that you need to pay off, which is doable, but it is important to keep on top of these outgoings.

Becoming attractive to future employees

It is thanks to the way you conduct yourself that future employees will want to work for you. Everyone wants to be treated with respect and trusted, be provided with job security and be valued.

In addition to doing this for the workers, you need to do it for the general public, as well. However, as Angela Ahrendts, the senior vice president of Apple pointed out:

Everyone talks about building a relationship with your customer. I think you build one with your employees first.

Creating a good work environment

There is no need to foster an environment with negativity and lack of trust. So long as you make a note of good ethical processes, you will be creating a healthy work environment.

An ever-changing world

As the world continues to change, consider what the general public and employees expect from businesses. Are there new approaches that can be taken to become sustainable? Perhaps there is even the invention of a new technological gadget that you can use to achieve this. Who knows? At the end of the day, keep your eyes and ears open, and pay attention to what types of company’s people want to work for.

Social activism is incredibly important for the modern-day employee, particularly the younger and newer generations. The fact of the matter is, once your company chooses to adopt these processes, you will notice an immediate change in how people view you.

People want to know that you are financially stable and if you get business loans, that you pay them off in a timely manner. Employees want to be valued and paid a fair wage, and even more than this, they want to know that they are trusted by their employers. The end result, then, is a workplace that prioritizes ethics, and that people speak highly about.

Ian Grant Capobianco

Ian Grant Capobianco

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