Why Your HR Department is Crucial for Your Travel Business Success

The HR Department and HR in general are the key to your company’s success. Without a strong team of employees, your entire business model will crumble. This applies to full-time employees just as much as it does to seasonal workers. While there are many different components to creating a healthy company culture, the best place to start with your HR department. By taking out a cash advance and reinvesting into your HR department, you can improve their ability to support your employees and help strengthen your company as a result.

Benefits of a Great HR Department

When your HR department is strong and capable, your entire company is better off. After all, it is the HR department’s job to improve the wellbeing and work life of your employees, as well as manage payroll and hiring. The employees in your HR department, however, can only do so much without your help. You need to evaluate your business and see how you can make your company better for everyone. By improving your workplace policies and rewards, you can give your HR department more to work with.

Why It is So Critical For Your Travel Business

HR is so vital for every single company that works in hospitality. You work in hospitality whether you manage a hotel, restaurant, or tour – the main pillars of any travel company. In short, your entire company depends on your guests enjoying themselves. Not every guest is kind or easy to deal with, however, which is why it is crucial that your employees are supported the best that they can be.

Employee turnover is expensive. It is far cheaper and better overall if your tour guides or employees stay with you. This is particularly important if you operate seasonally. If you can get the same tour guides to come back year after year, you have someone experienced in charge. It is not easy to train someone in one season, and it is also not easy to convince great tour guides to come back. With the right company culture and a strong HR department, however, you can.

The Hiring Process is Critical

One main reason why a strong HR department is so important is that it is the main point of contact for new employees. If your HR department is not strong or strict, you could have lackluster employees working for you when you need the best of the best. With a great HR department that has the tools and resources it needs to find these great employees, your entire company will improve.

Your Tour Guides and Sales Team Need Support

Another reason why your HR department is so important is that your tour guides and sales team need support. Yes, you do have the right to force an employee to keep working even if a customer verbally assaulted them, but chances are this employee will leave. With a great HR department, you will be able to provide excellent customer support and support your employees at the same time.

Employees Work Best When Business Runs Smoothly

One way you can actively help your HR department do its job is by investing in the right programs and systems. From buying the right HR software to investing in feedback software and even tablets to link all your employees, your travel company can work together to improve. Investing in these tools might require equipment financing, but it is well worth it.

Guests are Happiest When Everything is in Order

When your employees are happy, your guests are happier. When your HR department can do its job, it can help your employees do theirs.

How to Improve Your HR Department

To improve your HR department you will need to change both how you operate your company and the tools that your HR employees use.

Give them the Right Software

The right software needs to be able to handle automated tasks and generated reporting. In other words, it needs to make it easier for your HR department to manage payroll, employee files, and change requests. It also needs to be able to put together reports fast. If the HR department head, for instance, wants a report on employee satisfaction set against guest satisfaction, your program should be able to put it together easily.

Hire Enough Staff

Do your teams a favor and don’t understaff your HR department. They do so much more than admin tasks and instead support your front-end employees so that they enjoy their work and have everything they need to give your customers exceptional service.

Focus on Addressing Key Issues First

When it comes to improving your HR department, it is best to work with them so that the key issues are addressed first. A great program can free up some of their time, but if your team is running left and right to deal with one crisis after the other, they are still not making good use of their time. When everyone works together, you can find the source of the issues in your company. If guest satisfaction is low because, for instance, the booking system is broken or glitching, then that needs to be fixed, not customer service.

Train Them/Hire a Specialist to Manage

HR is often full of untrained employees. By training them or hiring a specialist to oversee their work and train them on the job, you can improve your department and company as a whole.

Provide Them With Clearer Advancement Goals

Everyone in your company should have clear advancement goals. Without them, your best employees will leave. How your HR department can help with this is by keeping track of critical traits you are looking for. You can, for example, offer a $1 pay rise for every year your tour guides come back. Other characteristics to look for include how many new guests a salesperson brings in, and so on.

When the tourism and travel industry brings in $7.6 trillion globally, you know you are in the right sector. It is not the lack of guests that will hurt your company, but instead your operations. You need to provide exceptional service to your customers and exceptional support for your guests to keep everyone happy year after year. This could mean that you need to get small business loans to reinvest into your HR department and business, or it might just mean reorganizing. Either way, your HR department is key to your success.

Charles Groome

Charles Groome

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