More Than A Face: How To Utilize Facebook As A Small Business

For small businesses, it can be a significant challenge to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. This is particularly true when you are competing against much larger companies in your industry. One of the most effective tools that a small business can use to boost brand awareness and reputation is social media, and Facebook, in partiuclar.

Facebook can make it possible to expand your reach and access a much broader audience amongst many other benefits. It is essential to be aware that as such a powerful tool, it can also be dangerous and you must know how to use the platform to your benefit. So, what are the key benefits and how can you utilize them?

Using Facebook To Engage Target Audience & Reach Wider User Base

The major benefit that Facebook brings is that it provides a two-way communication avenue where you can quickly engage with your target audience. This task was previously challenging, but nowadays a brand can advertise, inform and update their target audience while also easily receive feedback, questions, suggestions, and consumer reviews.

In addition to advertising to the consumer, it can also help the brand to streamline their operation, identify areas where they can improve while also increasing brand reputation. By being friendly, professional and helpful on Facebook, a consumer will feel that you are a trustworthy and reputable company. This personal touch could make all the difference when it comes to choosing between rival companies.

• How Should You Communicate?

When you are communicating on Facebook, always make sure that you are professional and avoid posting anything which could be deemed offensive or polarizing. Communication is no longer limited to public posts as consumers can now send private messages to businesses, and this is, in fact, now beginning to replace customer service.

Not only can you directly communicate with your target audience, but the span that Facebook provides means that you can reach a gigantic, global audience with ease. You do not have to pay large advertising sums to do this as you can grow your network simply by posting regular, relevant and engaging content that your target audience will share.

One of the most effective ways that a small business can expand their network early on is to hold a promotion which encourages individuals to ‘like’ and ‘share’ a post. By doing this, it will very quickly promote your brand to the networks of your connections. In order to increase brand awareness, you need to make sure that your page reflects your brand identity with your logo, color palette, business information and unique personality.

Using Facebook Ads To Capitalize On The Vast Reach

As Facebook is such an enormous platform, it means that this is also one of the most effective places to advertise your company and products and services. Ads can be targeted to people based on a range of demographics, including when they engage, their behavior, contact information, location, age, and even gender.

The format of the adverts can be eye-catching and work on multiple devices, plus they can also be shared across other social media platforms. These ads can work very well for smaller companies because they can help you to compete with the biggest names in your industry by delivering highly targeted adverts on a vast platform.

Show That You Are An Authoritative Source In Your Industry

Every company wants to establish themselves as an authoritative source in their industry, but this has always been challenging because there has not been a massive public platform to demonstrate this. Facebook is the perfect platform as you can share content and show that you are a key player in the industry. Blog posts, news articles, video posts, infographics and other content can help a company to boost their industry authority while simultaneously advertising the business.

When it comes to posting content, it is vital to consider the times of day when people are likely to see it such as before work, lunchtime or directly after work. Although it is important to post regular and relevant content, you must also make sure that you do not post too much as this can frustrate the consumer.

How To Use Your Page Effectively & Monitor Performance

There is a lot of focus on what and when to post, but you must also carefully manage your page to encourage users to visit your website and use your products and services. Page management should include integrating the Facebook page with your company website, optimizing the on-page content, using the apps and using custom tabs. Facebook has made it very simple for businesses to create welcoming and intuitive business pages where you can add e-commerce, set up blog feeds, create polls and generally make the page more fun and interactive for visitors.

As such a powerful tool, it is important that a business can recognize what is working and what is not when it comes to Facebook. Utilizing tracking URLs and Facebook Insights can help you to monitor your page’s performance. With these metrics, you can then tailor your approach accordingly to improve how you are using the platform.

Following on from this, every successful business owner understands that it is essential to be aware of what your competitors are doing. It will help you to identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as take advantage of any gaps in the market. Assessing your rivals has always been a challenge before, but it is now easier than ever with Facebook where you can easily find and monitor the competition. Facebook has clearly identified that this is important to businesses by adding the ‘Watch Page” function, which will keep you informed on how many new “Likes” they have.


Facebook is a brilliant tool to use for small businesses as it enables you to compete with much larger brands and reach a vast audience with ease. You must be careful with how you use this platform as it can be easy to make costly mistakes, but the above information should help any small business in any industry to get to grips with the platform. When used correctly, Facebook can increase your following, generate leads, boost brand reputation, increase awareness, advertise your products and services and help you to provide the best possible experience for your target audience.

Charles Groome

Charles Groome

Charles Groome is a contributor to SmallBizStar. Charles is a Digital Marketing Specialist and presently serves as Director of Marketing at Biz2Credit. Having worked with established companies and startups for most of his career, Charles brings powerful insights to the challenges of succeeding in the digital marketplace. Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn. Email Charles at