Social Media Marketing: The Two Best Apps to Use

Social media marketing is highly effective and worthwhile, especially for a small business. However, it can be difficult to keep up to date with the latest tech to use. There’s no disputing that social media is the single most popular element of the internet, and every business needs to ensure that they have a strong social media strategy in place at all times.

Regarding marketing, nothing is more useful for reaching new audiences and encouraging B2C engagement and interaction. Using the right social media apps and an effective marketing strategy together can transform your growth and ensure the future of your business.

Why use apps for social media marketing?

For social marketers, the best apps can streamline your day. No matter where you are, the ability to manage your social media accounts is vital. The right apps mean that you can keep current whether you’re in the office, commuting, or sitting in a coffee shop. The question is, which of the millions of social media apps are the most useful? If you want to excel at social media marketing, then these two apps are going to be essential.

App One: Facebook Pages Manager App

It should seem obvious that the most important social media platform remains Facebook. With over a billion users, Facebook has become essential for all businesses. While business pages on Facebook are simple to set up and use, they can be challenging to manage from a smartphone. This is especially true if you are maintaining numerous different business pages as well as your personal. The Facebook Pages Manager App makes management of up to 50 different pages much more manageable. It means that you will be able to keep your audience updated no matter where you are.

“Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources.”
Sean Gardener, Apple and Microsoft

Benefits of the Facebook Business Manager

One of the key benefits of the Facebook Business Manager app is that it encourages you to keep focused. As soon as you log in, you are shown a list of your business pages. From there it is incredibly easy to access your pages, your ad manager, and your power editor. You will not see your personal newsfeed until you open your personal page, and that means you will not be distracted by irrelevant news or notifications.

  • Organization: If you currently manage more than one business page or ad account, there can be a lot of back and forth interaction. The business app allows you to jump from page to page easily and oversee what is happening across each.
  • Security: If you need to revoke access to your social media accounts for an employee who no longer works for you, you can do so quickly and efficiently. Rather than going through each page and removing access one page at a time, you can simply select the People section and remove admin access with a click of a button.
  • Compartmentalization: On a personal page, you will need to be friends with people to assign roles and allow fluid interaction. The Facebook Business Manager allows you to assign page roles and allow page management access whether you are connected on Facebook or not.
  • Price: This app is totally free, meaning that you won’t need to learn how to apply for a small business loan to take advantage of it.

What can you do with the Facebook Business Manager App?

There are some great features on this app. So many in fact that you may never use most of them! However, these features could make running your social media marketing campaign much smoother. They include:

  1. Create a business page: You can set up a brand new page from scratch using this app. Even if this is your first time setting up a business page, the app makes the process very easy.
  2. Claim assets: The chances are high that you have already built your Facebook business page. The Business Manager app allows you to take control of those with the minimum of fuss, meaning that you can start managing those pages very quickly. If you have gone through a period of a company acquisition, then you will be able to add their existing pages to your app management.
  3. Manage your accounts: The app gives you total control of your business pages and also provides valuable data and analytics. These can then be funneled back to your marketing department to assess future strategies and the impact that your current campaign is having.
  4. Assign access: Most companies have more than one person managing their social media pages. This app allows you to add and remove people easily.

App Two: Evernote

Evernote is one of a growing number of note-taking apps that are currently available. The reason why the majority of businesses opt for Evernote is the design and functionality. Because it is a cloud-based app, it has the usual benefits of cloud technology. However, the main reason for the widespread adoption of Evernote is that it allows for true multimedia sharing to both individuals and groups.

Benefits of Evernote

The advertising campaign for Evernote claims that it can help you remember everything. While that may not be strictly true, it is a very useful timesaver. If you make all of your notes on pen and paper or even Google Docs, it can be challenging to find the exact notes you need when you need them. The search function on Evernote is wonderful. Not only is it powerful, but it is also straightforward to use. Combined with the fact that Evernote can integrate with numerous additional apps, you could be using your favorite methods of notetaking with the knowledge that Evernote has you backed up.

“Every day we are bombarded with more things to remember and more activities and tasks to complete. More, more, more. It can often reach a point where there is so much information coming at you that you have no clue where to start or what actually needs doing. It’s simply overwhelming. There is hope.”
Jeremy Roberts, author of Evernote Every Day

What can you do with Evernote?

Due to the versatility of Evernote, it can benefit your business in a variety of ways. For social media marketing, it can improve productivity and collaboration, and reduce your reliance on paper.

  1. Save important documents: With contracts to sign and receipts to hoard, it can be difficult to manage those documents safely. Evernote allows you to manage your saved documents and tag them so that they are easier to find. This can be anything from contracts (even signed ones if you use Adobe EchoSign or DocuSign as an add-on) to quarterly reports. You can also clip emails and save them for later use.
  2. Productivity: Not only can you make notes anywhere, but you can also collect resources and articles that will help you when it comes to creating blog content. You can even write your content marketing articles on Evernote, making use of its wide variety of formatting options. If you have evergreen content, then you can keep it close so that it can be used whenever you want.
  3. Collaboration: Sharing your notebooks with other members of your team has never been easier! You can share info quickly and efficiently, all without the need for lengthy email exchanges. If you are in the process of applying to get business loans, then you can store all of the relevant documents in one place for easy access.
  4. Save Tweets: Twitter is one of the apps that Evernote works particularly well with. Instead of favoriting a business relevant tweet and then having to find it a month later, Evernote allows you to cluster your saved tweets for easy access. Integrate Evernote with the If This Then That app and you will have a store of industry-relevant tweets to respond to and use when you have the time.

To Conclude

These two apps can help you to streamline your social media marketing strategy. There are a wealth of alternative apps available that can be useful. However, the Evernote and Facebook Business Manager apps should be your first downloads. They will act as the foundation of your social media management and benefit your marketing reach with a combination of improved functionality and ease of use.