What’s the Best Social Media for Your Hotel?

Marketing is a never-ending effort, but with the power of social media, you can work towards building a thriving community that keeps benefiting your bottom line. When you first start, this might require you to get business loans to cover the upstart costs. You will need to buy the professional photography and videography equipment, or at the very least you need to pay for a professional to do this for you.

Buying a good camera and hiring someone who has talent in photography, however, can help save you a lot on your social media marketing budget over time. Social media posts need fresh content. You cannot keep reposting the same product pages for your hotel rooms. Instead, you need to take beautiful shots that encourage guests to book continually.

This means more than photographing your rooms and amenities. Take photos of details, of your guests looking fabulous, of the outdoor spaces – do your best to make your property look magical.

The biggest reason why you want these photos to be aesthetically pleasing on social media, as opposed to informative like they might be on your website, is because the goal of social media is to share. You want your followers to share your images so that more and more people see your hotel and want to go.

How Important is Social Media Marketing?

The importance of social media marketing can be stated in a few vital stats:

  • More than half of the world’s population is online (50.8%) and growing.
  • There are almost as many active social media users as there are online users (3.397 billion social media users vs. 4.2 billion internet users)
  • Most of these active social media users have 5 or more social media accounts
  • They spend just under 2 hours every day on social media on average

Hotels, bed and breakfasts, and even Airbnb spare room listings have found massive success by curating great social media communities. The key here, however, is that the images and content they publish are both beautiful and informative. That is why it is so essential hotels get equipment financing that will cover the cost of a camera and other marketing equipment.

What Social Media Platforms Can I Use?

There are a few key options when it comes to social media:

  • Instagram
    Instagram is a huge platform and a great place to bring in customers. Share beautiful images and videos of your hotel, keep guests up to date with events in your hotel and surrounding area, and make your feed aesthetically pleasing to encourage thousands of people to follow you and think of you first when booking a holiday in your area.
  • Facebook
    Facebook might have had a few scandals lately, but it is still a huge platform and a great place to build a community. Post a mixture of images, videos, articles, and text posts and remember to engage with your community.
  • Pinterest
    Pinterest is great for getting your hotel’s aesthetic out there. Some will go one step further and click your link to find your hotel, but for the most part, being active on Pinterest is useful only in owning your images. If another user were to post a photo of your hotel, you wouldn’t get the traffic.
  • Twitter
    Twitter is an excellent way to offer real-time updates on what’s going on in your hotel. It’s not so great at spreading the word and bringing in new guests as it is providing great customer service and a place for guests to ask questions and make complaints.
  • YouTube
    YouTube can be challenging for hotels to get right because posting advertisements alone is often not enough. You need a content strategy and niche that users will actually want to view and subscribe to. Otherwise, you will only be using YouTube to host your ads.
  • Reddit
    Reddit is a very informal place, but when done right, it can be a great way to boost your reputation and even bring in new guests. You do need to be careful. Most of the popular subreddits don’t allow for obvious marketing.
  • LinkedIn
    Attract the working crowd by creating posts on LinkedIn and even contacting users directly if they have expressed interest in hosting a team building trip or are going to be partaking in a business trip. Offering them a custom discount can be just the ticket you need to make a lifetime business partnership.

Which One is Best For Me?

It is best to focus on two or three social media platforms in order to give those accounts your all. Which ones you will want to focus on will depend on how you answer the following questions:

  • Who Is Your Audience?
  • What Is Your Brand Personality?

The big players you cannot go wrong with are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. LinkedIn is great if you deal primarily with business guests, and Reddit can be worthwhile if you understand the platform and how to use it. Pinterest could be worth having, just so that users can share your images, rather than upload their own.

How Can I Improve the Engagement on my Social Media?

Improving engagement on social media platforms requires a lot of time, effort, and even investment. That is why equipment financing can actually work out to be the better budget option for businesses. Buying professional cameras can be vital to providing your posts with beautiful images without needing to outsource your marketing needs every single time.

You can improve engagement further by following these tips:

  1. Post Beautiful Content
    Beautiful images, great videos, and well-formatted text posts that promote your brand in a non-promotional way.
  2. Engage with Users
    Ask questions, reply to comments and direct messages, and even go further and find users on other accounts and engage with them.
  3. Host Giveaways
    Offer giveaway deals to encourage users to sign up with your site or tag their friends.
  4. Partner with Other Local Businesses
    Collaborate with other local businesses to expand reach and offer more rewards and service to your guests.
  5. Advertise
    Last but not least pay for advertising. It’s a great way to get your name out there to new customers.

Social media and travel go hand in hand, and every hotel should consider how they can use social media to boost their client-base. Image-first platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are great for sharing how beautiful your hotel is, but Facebook, Twitter, and even Reddit can be used to share your expertise and make your hotel the go-to expert in your area.

Charles Groome

Charles Groome

Charles Groome is a contributor to SmallBizStar. Charles is a Digital Marketing Specialist and presently serves as Director of Marketing at Biz2Credit. Having worked with established companies and startups for most of his career, Charles brings powerful insights to the challenges of succeeding in the digital marketplace. Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn. Email Charles at charles.groome@biz2credit.com