Why Great Content is Invaluable for Travel & Tourism

Travel and tourism is one of the world’s biggest sectors, and it will only continue to grow as transportation and accommodation becomes more accessible than ever before. Currently, its value rests around $1.6 trillion. This amount contributed 10.4% to the global GDP. The only issue in this market is that though there are more tourists than ever before, there is also more competition on the business front. That is why it is necessary to prioritize content marketing. Get a cash advance if necessary to cover the costs of both articles and visuals. You want exceptional content, and paying a premium for it will be worthwhile.

That is why you need to go above and beyond to acquire customers and provide value to them at every turn. Word-of-mouth recommendations are going to be one of your most significant friends in the future, both in terms of friends recommending you and online reviews.

A great way to provide this exceptional value to established and existing guests is through digital content. From articles to guides, to simply posting “wanderlust” photos that will get people to clamor to book you, it’s essential to utilize content for your travel business.

Why is Great Content Invaluable?

There are a few reasons why content is so powerful and invaluable to the travel and tourism sector. If you provide no-nonsense information, then users don’t have to contact you directly in order to get the info they need. In today’s digital world, communication should be considered a last resort. Millennials and younger will much prefer to have all the answers provided easily online, rather than email or call.

Great content is also exceptionally useful when it comes to shared content. If you post a great photo that can get shared to friends or family, you might not always be able to track these shares (or shadow shares, as they are called) if the post or image is shared privately in a message, but that is fine.

Great content is essential for making you the only choice, and it can be excellent in keeping existing customers coming back to your site.

Internet User Statistics

To put how important digital content is, consider these stats:

  • 50.8% of the world is online and using the internet
  • There are 3.397 billion active social media users

With billions of users out there comes great competition, and offering exceptional content is how you can set yourself apart from the competition and bring in a healthy income.

What Makes Content Great?

So, what does make content great? It can be difficult to invest so much time and energy into a blog or social media feed and not get any engagement with it at all. The secret to success here, however, is that networking and marketing are just as crucial for the content you produce as it is for your company.

The investment you put into your content won’t be for naught. For example, if you can create a great local guide that is appreciated by users, and market that, you could see that guide reach the top of Google. A great blog is SEO’s best friend.

On Your Site’s Blog

On your site’s blog, there are a few ways to offer invaluable information. Done right, you can provide invaluable guides and helpful how-to articles that can even rank #1 on Google. Make no mistake, a great article that circulates throughout social media is more worthwhile than any PPC marketing campaign.

Informative and Helpful Guides

Helpful guides in your area are so important. Ideally, you want to be the one-stop shop for travel news and guides in your area. If you are a tour guide, the benefits of this are obvious, but even if you are a hotel or a rental company you can still benefit. When you have authority and users like what you are saying, you can even recommend other companies that you have partnered with. This way you can offer exceptionally useful guides and get a commission if your guests or users book through your site.

Key Information about Upcoming Events

Upcoming events are hard to find, so make your site the easy place to go to when looking for upcoming events, music gigs, festivals, and more in your area.

When it comes to updating the information in these guides, remember to edit the existing article, rather than create a new one. If you create a new one you have to start from scratch and might be penalized by Google for duplicate content. By updating an old article, you can bring in more traffic to an already liked site and boost the chance of ranking on the first page.

On Your Social Media Account

Social media is predominately a visual-first place. That is why when creating content you will want to get business loans to cover professional production of images and articles to be shared online.

Photos of Your Business

You need more than professional product photos of your location, amenities, and products. You need aesthetically pleasing images that spark wanderlust.

Photos of Your Area

Speaking of wanderlust, there is no better way to get likes, shares, and people looking at your company than beautiful pictures of your area. Not only will you bring in more people to your accounts, but you can also even convince more people to travel to your area in the first place.

Discounts and Giveaways

Offer discounts and giveaways ever so often to bring in more sign-ups and follows.

What Great Content Should Do

Great content is expensive because it is so much more than a hastily taken photo or half-hearted guide. Great content provides value and connects with your users. It should:

  • Give Value to Your Guests
  • Encourage Shares and Likes
  • Build a Community
  • Bring Users Back to Your Site

That is why taking out commercial loans to cover the cost of marketing and content creation is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Ensure content resonates and work with analytics to create better and better content every time.

Charles Groome

Charles Groome

Charles Groome is a contributor to SmallBizStar. Charles is a Digital Marketing Specialist and presently serves as Director of Marketing at Biz2Credit. Having worked with established companies and startups for most of his career, Charles brings powerful insights to the challenges of succeeding in the digital marketplace. Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn. Email Charles at charles.groome@biz2credit.com