10 Best Smartphone Apps for Your Small Business in 2018

Smartphone apps for small business have gone from novelties to must-have in just the past few years. Operating a small business means a variety of tasks need your attention at all times. By utilizing your iPhone or Android, automating these tasks has never been easier. Increasing productivity is one of the best things to come from smartphone apps. Your small business will be ahead of the game-and it comes straight from your fingertips.

Whether it’s Finances, Communication, Payment, or other key components of running a small business, we’ve compiled a list of all the essential smartphone apps to make them excruciatingly simple. Here it is:

Finance and Accounting apps

 Your business’s financial health is crucial to sustaining operations. Here’s a few apps to simplify all of your financial responsibilities such as managing payroll and organizing taxes.

  • Quickbooks

Quickbooks is the leading platform for small businesses to get a grip on their finances. With Quickbooks, you can organize incoming sales as well as expenses incurred, check profits, pay invoices, and more. You can also use the app to pay your employees, which can be a daunting task for businesses with multiple workers.

Use Quickbooks to seamlessly integrate all of your accounts, such as Paypal, Square, bank accounts, etc. into one place. When Quickbooks has all accounting information in one spot, you can be sure that doing your business taxes becomes much easier.

  • Freshbooks

 Creating invoices can also be done on your smartphone. With FreshBooks, small business owners have an easy tool to manage all of your invoices and track where they go.

With the app, you can craft professional invoices at the palm of your hand. Additionally, you can set up automatic billing for recurring clients, accept credit card payments on an iPhone or iPad, and create profit statements for the quarter.

  • Wave

 If your small business or sole proprietorship has less than nine workers, Wave is the right tool to streamline your accounting needs.

Wave is specifically tailored for small businesses with few employees. You can use the software to track and manage sales, invoices, and payroll information. The smartphone app also allows you to scan receipts directly into the app, which means your accounting reports will be way less cluttered.

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 Mobile Payment apps for Businesses

 Cash registers are quickly becoming obsolete with the emergence of mobile payment apps. Nowadays, all you need is a card reader that can plug into your phone or tablet to make processing payments an easy task. With so many different mobile payment apps, we broke down the top options for your small business:

  • Square

 The Square app is one of the pioneering apps to make mobile payments possible on the go. It’s perfectly tailored for businesses like retail stores, food stands, and salons. Users receive a small card reader that plugs into your phone or tablet. This means accepting quick payments no matter where you are is a breeze.

And for businesses who rely on an established Point-of-Sale system, Square offers Square Register. This system perfectly streamlines payments for brick and mortar businesses.

  • PayPal Here

 Reacting to the huge success of Square, the online payment giant created its own app to make mobile payments faster than ever. With PayPal Here, business owners can use any device as a mobile register for credit card payments. Just like Square, users of PayPal Here receive a mobile card reader to attach to their devices-so payments can be processed anywhere and anytime.

Communication Apps

 Communications are crucial for your business to operate effectively. Daily operations can quickly go sideways if your small business doesn’t have the right tools to manage communications among all the key players. Check out our favorite apps to increase your companies’ productivity:

  • Addappt

 Addappt makes managing your business contacts easier than ever. Whenever your business partners, employees, or friends change their contact information, they can update the details in your address book. If you’ve ever had to change phone numbers, you’d know just how annoying it is to make sure everyone gets your new information. But Addappt makes sure all of your business contacts are organized and up-to-date, assuming they’re also on the app’s network.

  • Slack

Slack provides a group messaging platform designed for team leaders and management. With the app, you can send out messages to your entire team (with no limit on how many can be in the conversation), or to just one person on a private channel. Also, Slack allows a plethora of files, such as PDFs and Word documents, to be shared throughout the app.

  • Pushover

 If you’re a small business owner with multiple devices for various needs, it can be annoying to only receive notifications on one device. With Pushover, you can ensure that all notifications that you want to see will show up on every one of your devices. The app works by creating a common spot for all of your notifications to share. There is no limit on how many push notifications you can receive through the app, so don’t worry about losing track.

  • Skype

 Despite many apps trying to compete, Skype remains the most popular videoconferencing app among just about every platform there is. While messaging works, sometimes you just need to speak face-to-face with your business associates.

With Skype, you can set up video conference calls of up to 25 people. Not only can you see video, but during these conferences anyone can upload files, messages, or even share their computer screen.

  • Asana

 Asana is a different type of communication software. There is no better app for improving collaboration among your team members.

Asana allows you to look at tasks in need of completion, upload files on the go, and track the progress of projects as they’re being worked on. You can also integrate Asana with Google Drive and Dropbox for uploading necessary files, as well as Slack in order to message colleagues and follow up on progress. The Asana task board displays a simple way to share notes as well. The app is currently the best way for employees and managers to stay connected and collaborate without having to leave the desk.

Ian Grant Capobianco

Ian Grant Capobianco

Ian Capobianco has been a blogger on small business marketing and technology for the past two years. He is a frequent contributor to ForexTV.com where his insights on small business has earned him early success. Ian is a student of Business at the Honors College at the University of Alabama. Contact Ian at iancapo17@gmail.com