Follow These 10 Sports Business Twitter Accounts

Sports may be fun and in many ways a diversion, but for as long as fans have paid admission to see the top athletes and contests of their eras, the industry has been driven by business interests.

Today, fans can follow the world of sports business in more detail than ever. But the sheer amount of information out there can be daunting. Here are 15 Twitter accounts you should be following for your (multi-) daily #SportsBiz fix (not a bad idea to search on that hashtag on occasion as well…)

There are plenty of other great ones, for a more expansive list, we suggest @BizBallMaury’s Top 50 Must Follow Sports Biz Twitter Accounts of 2016.

@MikeOzanian – Forbes national editor Mike Ozanian is the host of the Forbes SportsMoney TV program

@BrianCostaWSJ – Wall Street Journal sportswriter Brian Costa

@darrenrovell – ESPN’s sports business reporter Darren Rovell, probably the most polarizing on this list, and with a huge following.

@joefav – Sports PR maven Joe Favorito, brings the publicity perspective and 30 years of top-level experience in numerous sports

@richarddeitsch – Sports Illustrated sports media writer also hosts a popular podcast on the subject

@Ourand_SBJ – Some links in SportsBusiness Journal media reporter John Ourand’s feed are behind the SBJ/SBD firewall, but his insights are invaluable

@SBJLizMullen – Ditto for Liz Mullin’s SBJ/SBD stuff, plus the agent/union/labor angle – Radio host and Forbes writer Maury Brown has been on the baseball biz beat for years, expanded to all sports seamlessly

@SportsTaxMan – CPA Robert Raiola looks at tax implications of sports deals, particularly free agent signings – Sports Business Consultant, Yahoo! Finance Contributor Rick Horrow “The Sports Professor” also hosts the “Beyond the Scoreboard” podcast with heavy hitter guests